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Toyota Diesel Forklifts Reading - Tips for lease diesel forklifts in and around Windsor

When you are investigating lease diesel forklifts like Windsor bear in mind that in the forklift trade, as in the motorcar industry, there is a “grey market”. This is the sale of forklifts imported into the UK from foreign markets. The main problem with these units is that they look the same as UK models but most dealers can’t support them as parts are different to those on UK models and are therefore difficult and expensive to source.

If you are considering lease diesel forklifts in and around Windsor it might be useful to know that the Heli G2 series of engine driven forklifts are available in 2.0T to 3.5T capacity with an ISUZU C240 diesel engine.

Tip – When you are searching for lease diesel forklifts like Windsor be aware that buying used equipment from a main dealer can offer peace of mind by knowing that the servicing and maintenance has been carried by qualified engineers using OEM parts.

When you are investigating lease diesel forklifts like a Windsor remember that as well as usage; you must take into account the ground terrain, lift height, load capacity requirements and the appropriate fuel for the working environment.

When searching for lease diesel forklifts like a Windsor ensure you get a good demonstration of the machine you are considering, especially if you are looking at a used forklift.If possible arrange for a proper demonstration at your premises for a fixed period of time in order to give you the chance to identify any problems it may have.

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